All-In-One Controllers

ZX Series

Largest, Most Powerful AIO Controller

The ZX series has our fastest scan rates yet with 4x the logic and register memory to drive over 5000 I/O points. Couple that power with two Ethernet ports, high-resolution graphics available in three display sizes, and you’ll understand why it’s APG Innovation at it’s best.

XL Series

Next Generation All-in-One Controllers

The OCS automation solution is comparable with a mid sized PLC in terms of performance. Programmed by a single, powerful ladder logic software package, you can actually develop Operator Interface screens within the ladder software as well as the automation control functions.

QX Series

TFT Color Touch Screen Controllers

The QX range offers exceptional value for money and is available in 5.7″QVGA, 8.4″, 10.4″, 12.1″SVGA and 15″XGA with standard 10/100Mbps Ethernet and CompactFlash® (or MicroSD® on 5.7″).

RX Series

Ruggedized, Touch Screen Controllers

R in RX stands for a ruggedised and more robust approach to our OCS family. All RX units are equipped with completely Metal Housing and work with Metal SmartStack modules only.

NX Series

Low-cost Graphical Controller

The classic OCS products were released as HMI solutions with advanced functionality. Many of the products contained herein are now obsolete and have been replaced by current products. Information herein is for general information and documentation purposes

Classic Series

The Original All-in-One Controllers.

Our classic series OCS were originally released as HMI solutions with advanced functionality. Many of the products listed are now considered obsolete and have been replaced by a newer model. The products contained herein are considered for informational and documentation purposes.

More Options, Easy-to-Use

By combining a controller, operator interface, I/O, and networking into a single compact unit, OCS (Operator Control Station) provides a better solution for original equipment manufacturers, integrators, and end-users alike.

High Performance Hardware

OCS applications are developed with a powerful and secure programming package called Cscape. It supports ladder logic, operator interface development, I/O configuration, and network configuration—and also offers security features.

Variety of Applications

  • Custom OEM Products
  • Power Management
  • Process Automation
  • Pump Control
  • Food Processing
  • Building Automation