Expansion and Remote I/O

SmartStack I/O

Our modular SmartStack I/O expansion system allows the flexibility of using digital, analog and specialty I/O boards. You can choose from various I/O combinations and stack up to four different I/O boards onto a single OCS station. This modular, quick stacking approach provides scalability and flexible design..

SmartStix I/O

Terminal Block Style Expandable I/O System for OCS. Unlike conventional PLC I/O, SmartStix I/O is a new terminal-block style I/O for the Operator Control Station (OCS). It can be used to expand the I/O capacity of any OCS, and it is very cost effective as remote I/O.


Our newest OCS I/O option, SmartMod I/O, is now available to expand your OCS system. It’s a great choice for expanding OCS when you need one, two or a few more digital or analog I/O. Because SmartMod I/O are so compact, they will fit in the smallest spaces.


The SmartRail I/O System is Horner’s newest I/O offering. SmartRail is compact – but highly expandable and scalable. Start with an Ethernet Base with a built-in two port switch.

Continue by adding I/O modules of your choice that easily snap together. Each base can hold up to 8 I/O modules, for a total of up to 256 digital and 32 analog points.


SmartBlock range covers advanced I/O modules like AC Power Monitor, Isolated Thermocouple modules, high resolution Analogue I/O or High Current Relays. All with the reliability and speed of CsCAN network (standard in the majority of OCS products).


The Fiber Optic Expansion I/O System (FOX) is an innovative bus extension that greatly expands the number of standard SmartStack I/O that can be used with the Operator Control Station (OCS), as well as adding a variety of architecture options and is available in both metal and plastic versions to suit your product requirements.