Modular I/O

SmartRail is a compact, modular, DIN-rail mounted I/O system that is highly expandable. Each SmartRail base can support up to 8 I/O modules. Multiple SmartRail I/O Bases can be used – limited only by the performance requirements of the application. SmartRail Ethernet I/O is compatible with any OCS controller with built-in Ethernet (XL6e, NX, QX, RX, RCX).

Compact Design

SmartRail is very compact, with a flexible footprint that only grows as you add modules. The SmartRail I/O Base is 3.5”H x 2.375”W – with a depth of only 1.75”. Each I/O module adds only about ¾” of width. Using 16 point modules, the SmartRail can support 128 I/O points in a footprint of less than 3.5”H x 8.75”W.

Highly Expandable

With digital I/O densities ranging from 8 points to 32 points per module, and an analog density of 4 channels per module – SmartRail can support as many as 256 digital I/O points and 32 analog I/O points per base. Adding multiple bases to a single OCS control system is very easy. This can allow the number of I/O to grow to literally the limits of the OCS I/O memory space.