Sales Channel Literature Downloads

Please note for the immediate future, we are going totally digital in our delivery of product materials. This represents a change from prior methods where we commercially printed each product sheet and allowed hard copy ordering from this page. The items listed below are currently only available as electronic PDF files.

By right clicking on the file name below and selecting “save target as”, you can save these files to your local PC, for further use, such as emailing as an attachment , etc. Printed copies of these items are currently unavailable. If you have questions, please contact Marketing at


Marketing Number Document Description
HA-101A XL Series – Product Family Overview
HA-102C XL Series – Product Family Specifications
HA-103B XL7 Product Sheet
HA-104 XL4 Product Sheet
HA-106A Remote Compact Controller (RCC) Product Sheet
HA-107A ZX Series – Product Family Overview
HA-108 RCX Compact Controller Product Sheet
HA-110 QX Series – Product Family Overview
HA-111 RX371 Product Sheet
HA-116 QX751 Product Sheet
HA-117 NX Series – Product Family Overview


HA-105 SmartRail Product Sheet
HA-109 SmartStack Product Sheet
HA-112A SmartStix Product Sheet
HA-113 SmartBlock Product Sheet


HA-114 EnvisionRV Overview
HA-115 EnvisionFX Overview