Cscape, Free PLC Software

Cscape Free PLC software combines graphical ladder diagram programming (based on IEC-1131) with operator interface development to completely integrate the control package. It’s straightforward approach to programming by combining logic with messaging and networking.

Cscape Programmable Logic Controller Software is absolutely free to download. You’ll need to register for an account to get started. Be sure to use a valid e-mail address as the final download link will only be sent to confirmed accounts.

Programming Logic

Cscape features a powerful IEC-1131 style free form, drag and drop ladder editor. Nearly 100 functions to choose from, including conversion, string handling, and advanced math, flow control and more. For users who prefer to utilize all of the IEC-61131 languages, Cscape 61131 is available.

Operator Interface

Designed to simplify development of your Operator Interface screens while you develop your control logic. Screens can be called up from ladder logic or operate independently. Use a single set of I/O references-no duplication of effort.

I/O Configuration

Configure all your I/O from Cscape manually or automatically – with over 60 I/O modules available. Built-in expansion, and remote I/O are all handled in a straightforward manner.

Features Include:

  • Relay Ladder Logic
  • Floating Point Math
  • Motion Commands
  • Serial Read and Write Functions
  • Auto Tune PID
  • Modem and Networking Functions

Cscape Software Version 9.60 Software Release FREE
Updated: October 29, 2014

[Notice: Past users can download the upgrade under My Account.]

Who should download Cscape 9.60?

  • Users downloading Cscape for the first time.
  • All Users of the OCS Family of Controllers.
  • Users who wish to utilize the product enhancements listed below

Horner APG attempts to ensure full upward compatibility for new releases of Cscape. However, prior to deploying any new software package, users should take necessary steps to validate that the new software does not introduce problems in their application.

Carefully read these steps prior to downloading and installing Cscape 9.60:

  • If you choose to install Cscape 9.60 and retain previous versions of Cscape, you must move the previous versions to new folder(s) prior to installing Cscape 9.60.
  • Backup all application files (.csp) prior to using Cscape 9.60. Once application files are saved in Cscape 9.60, they can no longer be opened with previous versions of Cscape
  • Cscape 9.10B added an auto update from the Internet feature. This is currently being used to install service packs only. Major updates like Cscape 9.60 will need to be downloaded and installed at this time.

Cscape Version 9.60 is a NEW RELEASE offering a variety of product improvements

(No new firmware required)

  • Email with SSL support (all platforms except XL6, XL6e, QX351 and RX371)
  • 127 characters support in ASCII object
  • Improved Range of Standard Switch Icons
  • Video support (XL4, XL7)
  • Audio support (XL7 Hardware rev. G or later)
  • Improved meters and gauges
  • Button improvements with 3D style button
  • Gradients for Background Improvements
  • Transparency in Animated text fields
  • Menu Object on ZX
  • BACnet on RCC

Cscape Version 9.60 Enhancements

(Model & Firmware Specific Features)

  • Transparencies in Bitmaps Sensitivity (all color platforms)
  • Ctrl-Click in the Graphics Editor for selecting multiple objects
  • Auto Fill for tags
  • Edit Variable as Text in Advanced Ladder with Tags
  • Support for UDFB Blocks debug in IEC
  • Improved Cscape automatic updates

Cscape Version 9.60 Fixes

(No new firmware required)

  • Cscape 9.5 SP1 Enable I/O Map compatibility mode was disabled. It now functions properly.
  • 9.5 SP1 when Math expression was set to REAL, user could not enter numbers larger than 32,767. Issue has been resolved.
  • Unable to Edit or Enter Data Fields in Classic Controllers in 9.5. Functionality has been restored.
  • External registers for Ethernet protocols could not be assigned. Added option for registers to be used.
  • In 9.5 SP1, Move Byte was forbidden. Move Byte has been reinstated in 9.6.
  • In Cscape 9.5 SP1 on an XLT when shape fill was used, GrEdit would fill with Gradient instead. Now, shapes properly fill.
  • CAN2 network configuration window not working until Hardware configuration was opened. Now the CAN2 configuration window is accessible.
  • IEC languages – PID real blocks when used in subroutine did not work. PID real blocks in subroutines have been corrected.
  • IEC languages – Some of the math instructions did not work when divide by 0 was executed. The math instructions when divided by 0 have been corrected.
  • Corrected a problem in the IEC languages where use of retained variables allocated beyond %R2048 could cause non-related data corruption during IEC execution in Array of structures mode.
  • Renamed some IEC Internal words which were likely to be used by Users causing compilation errors – Observed in the field for “LoadRcp”
  • Fixes downloaded transparent color problem in uncompressed bitmaps
Backup all application files (.csp) prior to using Cscape 9.60. Once application files are saved in Cscape 9.60, they can no longer be opened with previous versions of Cscape

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